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Shelf Freeze Dryer

The freeze dryer is designed for freeze drying in food industry. Freeze drying refers to the moisture in frozen food is allowed to sublime directly in order to dry. No nutrients are lost during this process, thus ensuring taste and appearance remain appealing, and storage is easy.
Uses can calculate the area of freeze dryer needs to occupy based on the quantity of materials to be freeze dried.

For example
If 2.0Kg liquid content of product needs to be freeze-dried for each batch, the materials are loaded using the material tray, each material tray is loaded by 10mm, then the loading area can be calculated.
A (Area, m2) = V (Volume, m3)/H (Height, m) = 0.002m3/0.01m=0.2m2
Users can also tell us what products you will be freeze drying and detailed requirements, and we will work to recommend a suitable freeze dryer or customize a freeze dryer to meet your needs.

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