Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturer

Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental test chamber consists of heating device, refrigerating device, humidifier. High and low temperature testing equipment can create and alternately switch to high temperature, low temperature and different humidity environment.
  • (25-200)Temperature / Humidity Test Chambers

    High temperature environmental test chambers are used to conduct environmental tests for electrical products that need a service life test. They are widely used in industrial and mining applications, as well as research centers, electronics, computer, communication equipment, pharmaceutical, medicine and other industries.

    Power: 220V/1KVA, 220V/2KVA, 220V/3KVA, 380V/4.5KVA, 380V/22KVA, ...
    Layer: 2~10 layers
    Doors: Single Door / Double Doors
    Temperature Deviation: ±1℃
    Temperature Range: ~200℃
    Temperature Uniformity: ±1%, ±1.5%, ±2% READ MORE >

  • (25-70) Temperature / Humidity Test Chambers

    Temperature and Humidity Range:
    Temperature: 25°C-70°C
    Humidity: 20%- 90% RH

    Sensor Control Accuracy:
    Temperature: +(-) 0.1 to +(-) 0.5°C
    Humidity: +(-) 0.5 to +(-) 2.5%RH

    Sensor Analyzing Accuracy:
    Temperature: 0.01°C
    Humidity: 0.1% RH
    Heat Up Time: From room temperature to 70°C, about 60 minutes
    Cooling Time: From 70°C to 25°C, about 60 minutes

    Work Environment:
    Power: 380V±10%, 50HZ, three-phase five wire system, 5KVA
    Ambient Air Pressure: 86.0-106.0Kpa
    Ambient Humidity: <85%RH READ MORE >

  • Thermal Shock Test Chambers

    Thermal shock testing chambers are used to conduct destructive tests on products. Our thermal shock testing chamber has 3 individual chambers: a high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber and feeding chamber. Products can be transferred from a chamber with a temperature of 150℃ to chamber with a temperature of -60℃ to determine whether the product is damaged or not. Thermal shock testing chambers are widely used to test electronics, electrical appliances, cellphones, communication equipment, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, and more.

    Power(kW): AC380V 3¢ 50/60HZ, AC 220V 1¢; AC 380V 3¢ 50/60HZ
    Humidity Range: 20%~98% RH

    Temperature Range: -20℃~+150℃ READ MORE >

  • Altitude Test Chamber

    Altitude test chambers are a type of low air pressure, high and low temperature test chamber developed by Xinzhou, and are mainly used for testing military products, because electronic components in planes and missiles must be able to bear a low air pressure, as well as high temperatures, and low temperatures at high altitudes.

    Low temperature is achieved by compressor, -120℃ can be reached.
    High temperature is achieved by heating device, 200℃ can be reached.
    Vacuum state can be achieved by vacuum pump, below 133Pa can be reached. READ MORE >

We provide temperature testing equipment and chambers for testing product performance with a wide temperature range. They are widely applied for testing the lifespan of electronics, mobile phones, communication instruments, foods, medical devices and more. We have over a decade of experience and custom test chambers are available in specific requirements.