Industrial Oven Custom Manufacturing for 14 Years

Special Application Oven

  • UV Curing Oven

    This type of UV curing equipment adopts 380V industrial power supply, of course it can be changed if you have special requirements, and we can also adjust the oven size or the LED light source dimension and power and etc.
    Power Supply:AC380V 3φ 50/60Hz 1.5kVA
    Light tubes:30 pieces 40W light tubes, altitude height of 120mm from the oven bottom.
    Drawer for LED light tubes:Adopts 1.0mm 201# brushed stainless steel plate, the light tubes adopt slide drawer structure for easier replacing. READ MORE >

  • LCD Batch Oven

    The following shows two previous customized LCD batch ovens and both adopt 380V industrial power supply and double door design, which allows separate control of each heating chamber and of course we can modify on our current equipment to meet your specific requirements such as power supply adjustment, layer numbers in each cabinet and etc.
    Power: AC380V 3φ 50Hz 14kVA
    Internal dimension: W×D×H (mm): W1420mm×D620mm×H1200mm
    External dimension: W×D×H (mm): W1930mm×D835mm×H1860mm (for reference only, customizing at your desire)
    Standard temperature: 60℃~200℃, Standard temperature~200℃ needs approximate 40 minutes (tested without loading)
    Heat uniformity: ±2% (tested without loading), normally use 180℃ READ MORE >

  • Reflow Oven

    The following shows three previously made custom reflow ovens, walk-in ovens, continuous process conveyor oven and infrared and convection ovens. If you cannot find the equipment you want, please just contact us and we are happy to customize reflow ovens just for you.
    Infrared Conveyor Oven
    Walk-In Oven
    Preheating Oven

  • Industrial Rack Oven

    Widely used in industrial fields like membrane switch, touch button, FPC (flexible printed circuit), smartphone parts and etc.
    Individual temperature control of each heating cabinet.
    No dust producing, designed for cleaning convenience and suitable for dust-free workshops.
    Cooperate with drying racks with multiple layers for higher production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
    Smooth air circulation with small volume to maintain certain temperature uniformity as well as keeping the product in stable position.
    Power supply: 380V/7kVA, 380V/14kVA, 380V/16kVA, 380V/22kVA
    Door: Single door / Double door
    Temperature uniformity: ±2% READ MORE >

  • Microwave Tunnel Oven

    By utilizing microwaves to penetrate materials, this tunnel microwave drying system can remove the moisture inside the products, which leads to a fast drying. Tunnel microwave drying systems are widely used in agricultural and food industries.
    Drying high moisture sticky materials
    Drying powder, particles, flake materials, strip materials, clintheriform materials, small blank, etc.
    Regeneration of catalyzer.
    Drying, sterilization and disinfection of solid waste materials like sludge.
    Drying, sterilization and disinfection of food, medicine and medicine raw materials. READ MORE >