Preheating Oven Manufacturer

Preheating Oven

Application  PCB pre-heating
Power supply AC380V 3φ 50Hz
Temperature range Room temperature~75℃ needs approximate 35 minutes.
Temperature uniformity ±2% (tested without loading)
Dimension L9956 mm × W2250 mm × H2786mm
Feeding zone: 1549mm(2 STEPS)
Infeed buffering zone: 762mm(1 STEP)
Heating zone: 4572 mm (divided into 6 sections)
Cooling zone:1524mm (2 STEPS)
Discharging zone: 1549mm (2 STEPS)
Step motor: 762mm/STEP
Oven internal height: H850mm
Heating temperature Max. 150℃, normally use 75℃
Configuration Φ150mm exhaust duct, exhaust on both sides with 90 degrees adjustable exhaust damper.
Feeding from left to right (facing to the control panel), and equipped with multipoint temperature sensor.(6 points in total)