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SECO-8-3 Tunnel Oven

This is a type of sanitary drying equipment for food and beverage drying purpose, this machine is welded with heavy duty design to ensure stability. It is also economic drying equipment; its output power is only ¼ of rated power when it reaches stable condition.
SECO-8-3 Tunnel Oven
Power supply AC380V 3φ 50Hz 38kVA
Internal dimension W1100mm×L6000mm×H750mm,
External dimension W1550mm×L8000mm×H1950mm (for reference only, customizing at your desire)
Detailed dimension 1. Feeding zone: 1000mm, discharging zone: 1000mm.
2. Heating zone: 6000 mm (divided into 3 sections and each section has length of 2000mm)
3. Conveyor width: 800 mm.
4. Feed/discharge opening height: 100 mm.
5. Three layers conveying system.
Temperature control system 1. Temperature range: room temperature~200℃; it takes approximately 20 minutes heating from room temperature to 150℃.
2. Controller: adopts Xinzhou H961 temperature controller, digital setting, PID automatic calculation, LED display.
3.The temperature controller has accuracy within ±0.5%FS;
4. Temperature uniformity ±2%. (tested without loading)
Functions 1. Fast drying speed with uniform temperature spreading.
2. SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) power control to minimize temperature fluctuation.
3. Sanitary design best fits dust-free workshop.
4. Complete safety protection facilities.
5. Multiple layers of thermal insulation with good sealing results.
6. The equipment frame adopts welded metal square tubes, and strengthened with steel channels.
7. Steady transportation to keep products in position.
8. The inner structure adopts argon arc welded mirror-polished stainless steel for sanitary purpose.
9. Energy saving, the steady output is only ¼ of rated output power.

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