Infrared Conveyor Oven Manufacturer

Infrared and convection ovens

Industrial conveyor infrared ovens utilize the infrared waves produced by infrared rays to penetrate the products and removal of the moisture inside the products. The product is first heated inside and then dried from the inside to outside, leading to a high drying efficiency. The infrared tunnel oven and tunnel infrared oven with hot air manufactured by Xinzhou are both displayed below.
  • Contact Heat IR Oven Line

    The infrared tunnel oven is equipped with an internal infrared heat source for drying the products from inside to outside, leading to high drying efficiency. Infrared tunnel ovens are generally used for drying silk screen, signboard and disc printing ink, as well as food processing like biscuit processing and nut processing
    Power: 380V
    Heating method: IR
    Length of Feeding Part (mm): 2950
    Length of Heating Part (mm): 24000
    Length of Discharging Part (mm): 2500
    Height of Feeding Inlet and Discharging Outlet (mm): 100
    Width of Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt (mm): Stainless Steel Mesh 1600
    Temperature Range: Room Temperature-400℃
    Temperature uniformity (±%): ±3% READ MORE >

  • Infrared Tunnel Oven

    Developed by Xinzhou, this tunnel infrared oven is designed with hot air drying function based on infrared drying, thus obtaining a more uniform temperature and smooth discharge of volatile gasses, which results in a high drying efficiency.
    This tunnel infrared oven with hot air is widely used in sophisticated product industry, like TP, LCD, COVERLENS, OGS, light guide plate, film, as well as fields like curing of touch panel silver paste, film, CG printing ink, mirror like silver, IR oil, and more.
    Heating method: IR+ hot air
    Temperature Range: Room Temperature-200℃
    Temperature uniformity (±%): ±2%