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UV Curing System & Industrial Dry Ovens & Tunnel Ovens & Vacuum Ovens & Environmental Test Chambers & Industrial Storage Cabinet

C SAIL has been a leading specialized drying equipment manufacturer and supplier in China since 2005. With two production companies and an export trading company, C SAIL offers a wide range of drying equipment, including hot air ovens, vacuum drying ovens, infrared drying ovens, UV drying equipment, IR tunnel /hot air /microwave drying systems, air energy heat pump drying systems, solar power drying equipment, high voltage ionization drying equipment, and high and low-temperature testing equipment, non-standard automation machine, etc.

Application of oven & environmental testing equipment

Through relentless development and innovation, our products have found application in a wide variety of industries, including the agricultural products processing industry, printing industry, plastic, and hardware industry, electronics industry, semi-conductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive electronics industry, bio-pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, post-print industries, etc. Each product is manufactured according to required specifications to meet your special production needs.

Custom Manufacturing Experience

With 15+ years of experience in custom manufacturing industrial ovens, C SAIL has successfully exported more than 10,000 industrial drying equipment & environmental chambers for clients from home and abroad. Many kinds of equipment served for more than 15 years are still functioning well. The following are some examples of custom industrial drying equipment we have made.
  • Forced Convection Ovens

    Forced air convection ovens are normally built with fan for effective air circulation after heating, which can realize uniform and consistent during, curing, burning-off and etc. in superior efficiency with significant energy saving.
    Forced air convection ovens are widely used in fields such as bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, medical treatment, public health, agricultural research and etc. Forced air convection ovens have significant advantages in lithium battery drying, power battery drying, supercapacitor drying and so on with higher drying efficiency and quality in shorter drying time. READ MORE >

  • Vacuum Ovens

    There are two types of vacuum drying ovens. The first type uses a vacuum pump to achieve the required vacuum pressure in the vacuum drying oven, and then utilizes the heating device to heat the inner chamber. Under the vacuum state, products are dried using heat conduction and heat radiation. The second type is a vacuum supply in freezing state, belonging to physical drying. C SAIL can offer clients a series of vacuum drying ovens, like high temperature vacuum drying oven, freeze dryers and others for use in different fields. READ MORE >

  • Tunnel Ovens

    This drying equipment adopts welded steel overall structure to ensure excellent stability.
    The inner structure adopts heavy gauge aluminum or stainless steel to guarantee longer lifespan and minimum possibility to react with drying products under high temperature condition.
    The inner structure of the continuous oven is designed for easier maintenance and cleaning purpose.
    Adopts higher efficient air distribution system. READ MORE >

  • Environmental Test Chambers

    Environmental test chamber consists of heating device, refrigerating device, humidifier. High and low temperature testing equipment can create and alternately switch to high temperature, low temperature and different humidity environment. READ MORE >

  • Custom Industrial Oven

    100% unique ovens built to your specifications
    We have more than 15 years of custom experience in industrial oven manufacturing, and we know different fields have different requirements on their heat processing, or even in the same industry, they might have different drying equipment requirements such as dimensions, heating temperature, cooling time, cooling methods and etc. So that C SAIL only builds unique industrial ovens according to your specific requirements to make sure it functions perfectly match with your production needs.

Our mission
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