Reflow Oven for PCB Manufacturer

Reflow Oven for PCB

C SAIL manufactures different types of reflow ovens according to various customer requirements. A reflow oven is a machine surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCB) by reflow soldering (melt the solder alloy).

The following shows three previously made custom reflow ovens, walk-in ovens, continuous process conveyor oven and infrared and convection ovens. If you cannot find the equipment you want, please just contact us and we are happy to customize reflow ovens just for you.
  • Infrared and convection ovens

    Power: AC380V 50Hz 20KW
    Inner Size: W500mm*L3600mm*H100mm
    Outer Size: W900mm*L4000mm*H1548mm
    Temp. Range: Room ~150℃
    Controller: Using 7 inch touch screen + PLC+ temperature module control system, SSR output, temperature sensor, PID automatic calculation, LED digital display READ MORE >

  • Walk-in/Truck-in ovens

    This is a type of walk-in oven with large capacity especially designed for PCB (printed circuit boards) drying. C SAIL has made 5 models of PCB walk-in/truck-in ovens, designed with vertical air flow or horizontal air flow system. This type of oven does not cause dust pollution since it adopts perfectly sealed structure with excellent drying efficiency. If you need any similar drying equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we promise to make the specific walk-in oven just for you.
    Power supply: 380V, 220V
    Airflow method: Vertical or horizontal
    Temperature range: ~200℃
    Temperature uniformity: ±1.5% (without loading) READ MORE >

  • Preheating Oven

    Application: PCB pre-heating
    Power supply: AC380V 3φ 50Hz
    Temperature range: Room temperature~75℃ needs approximate 35 minutes.
    Temperature uniformity: ±2% (tested without loading)
    Dimension: L9956 mm × W2250 mm × H2786mm
    Heating temperature: Max. 150℃, normally use 75℃
    Configuration : Φ150mm exhaust duct, exhaust on both sides with 90℃ adjustable exhaust damper. Feeding from left to right (facing to the control panel), and equipped with multipoint temperature sensor.(6 points in total) READ MORE >