Industrial Oven Custom Manufacturing for 15+ Years

  • UV Curing Oven

    This type of UV curing equipment adopts 380V industrial power supply, of course it can be changed if you have special requirements, and we can also adjust the oven size or the LED light source dimension and power and etc.
    Power Supply:AC380V 3φ 50/60Hz 1.5kVA
    Light tubes:30 pieces 40W light tubes, altitude height of 120mm from the oven bottom.
    Drawer for LED light tubes:Adopts 1.0mm 201# brushed stainless steel plate, the light tubes adopt slide drawer structure for easier replacing. READ MORE >

  • SCO-IR-10-4 Infrared Tunnel Oven

    Power supply: AC380V  3 φ  50HZ  84 kVA
    External dimension: W1460mm×L9400mm×H1510mm (for reference only, customizing at your desire)
    Internal dimension: W1000mm×L6000mm×H50mm

    Detailed dimension:
    Cooling zone: 1500mm (thermal insulation included, additional medium-efficiency filter)
    Discharging zone: 800mm      
    Total length of 9.4m READ MORE >

  • UV Curing for lable printing

    Generally used with self-adhesive trademark printing machines, the UV curing machine is specialized equipment for drying printed trademark. It features a fast drying, cold light drying and low temperature drying.
    Power supply:AC380V 3φ 50Hz 5kVA
    Application:Fast UV drying to cooperate with screen printing roll to roll system.
    Applicable dimension:Effective illumination width of 264mm.
    Reflecting lampshade (cover):Aluminum extrusion reflector lampshade (combined) adopts corrugated aluminum reflective sheet and realizes 30% effectiveness than traditional lampshade.
    Structure Design:Fan is placed individually, either on the printer, or the control box (additional guide rails on top for easier installation).