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Vacuum Ovens

There are two types of vacuum drying ovens. The first type uses a vacuum pump to achieve the required vacuum pressure in the vacuum drying oven, and then utilizes the heating device to heat the inner chamber. Under the vacuum state, products are dried using heat conduction and heat radiation. The second type is a vacuum supply in freezing state, belonging to physical drying. C SAIL can offer clients a series of vacuum drying ovens, like high temperature vacuum drying oven, freeze dryers and others for use in different fields.

  • 600°C Vacuum Oven

    High temperature vacuum ovens are specialized equipment designed for fields like national defense, military, electronic chip, science research, and more. The drying temperature for this high temperature vacuum dryer can reach as high as 600℃, and the vacuum pressure can reach 5x10-6pa. READ MORE >

  • Shelf Freeze Dryer

    The freeze dryer is designed for freeze drying in food industry. Freeze drying refers to the moisture in frozen food is allowed to sublime directly in order to dry. No nutrients are lost during this process, thus ensuring taste and appearance remain appealing, and storage is easy. READ MORE >

  • 150°C Vacuum Oven

    Battery dry chambers are used for quick drying of lithium battery cells. This battery dryer chamber is standard designed drying equipment according to the requirements for vacuum, dimension, capacity and operating temperature in the lithium battery industry. READ MORE >

  • 80°C/200°C Vacuum Oven

    This vacuum drying oven is specifically designed for drying heat-sensitive products, easily decomposable products and oxidizable products. It is widely used in research field, such as biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical and health care, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection, etc. The vacuum oven adopts the SUS stainless steel plate for inner chamber and SS41# cold-rolled sheet for external housing. The temperature fluctuation is ±1℃. READ MORE >