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600°C Vacuum Oven

High temperature vacuum ovens are specialized equipment designed for fields like national defense, military, electronic chip, science research, and more. The drying temperature for this high temperature vacuum dryer can reach as high as 600℃, and the vacuum pressure can reach 5x10-6pa. To achieve high temperature standard and high vacuum standard, the vacuum pump system, materials and accessories need to be perfectly integrated. The selection of materials is vitally crucial, because in a high temperature vacuum state, materials will release gas that is absorbed or dissolved in ambient air. The materials of the inner chamber must be specially treated to guarantee that the inner chamber will not produce any gas in a high temperature vacuum state.

  • Temperature Range: Ambient temperature~600℃
  • Vacuum pressure: 5x10-6 Pa
  • Integrated of heat conduction and heat radiation.

C SAIL offers clients two types of high temperature vacuum dryers: a single door vacuum dryer and double door vacuum dryer. Basic information about these high temperature vacuum dryers is listed below. Please contact us for more specific information.

Internal dimension (W×D×H) (mm) 800×600×500 600× 600 ×600 x2 Chamber 400×400×400
External dimension (W×D×H) (mm) 1660×1120×1765 1430×1120×1860 1400×1100×1580
Power 380V 25kVA 380V 30kVA 380V 10kVA
Doors Single double Single
Temperature range Room Temperature~600℃ Room Temperature~600℃ Room Temperature~600℃
Vacuum degree 5x10-6 Pa 5x10-6 Pa 5x10-6 Pa
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