Industrial Oven Case Study

Our industrial ovens operate in many sectors and applications. A number of recent client projects are illustrated on this page.

Huawei (Industrial Drying Oven)

There was one type of product needed to be silver-coated by Huawei. But the silver material would be oxidized under high temperature. 3 situations would happen if the drying method was inappropriate: the silver-coated surface would turn yellow, medium grey or deep black. The product surface always turned yellow after drying in the original drying oven, and the original drying oven supplier could not solve this problem.

Then Huawei personnel contacted us, and we immediately found the reasons for their problems after analysis: The product surface turning yellow was because of the reaction of silver and sulfur in air. There were 3 main reasons:
  • There was also sulfur and H2S in this drying oven, and these gases could react with silver to turn the surface yellow.
  • There were chemical plants surrounding, therefore, a considerable amount of H2S existed in the air.
  • The temperature in the original drying oven was not uniform; the product part in high temperature area would easily turn yellow.

After discussion, these problems can be solved in 3 aspects:
  • After launching the drying oven, the air inlet will automatically close to prevent external air getting in. By this means, external air interruption can be avoided.
  • By adjusting the drying equipment materials and manufacturing processes, the drying oven will not produce harmful gases.
  • By improving the structure of drying oven, uniform temperature can be achieved.

At last, our drying oven was praised by the client. And they purchased a large environmental test chamber from us later.