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Tunnel Oven for Biological Industries

Tunnel Oven for Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry

The following are three generations of drying equipment C SAIL has designed for pharmaceutical industries, and this type of drying equipment is equipped with 380V power supply, adopts 6-section heating method and an observation window for better control on the production progress.

Power supply AC380V 3φ 50Hz 40kVA
Internal dimension W1100mm×L10000mm 6-section heating, the front and back end section has length of 1000mm; all other four middle sections have length of 2000mm. each middle heating section is assembled with 240mm×80mm glass observation window.
External dimension W1360mm×L11200mm×H1150mm
Temperature control system Room temperature~100℃, the temperature sensor is placed on top of the conveyor (80mm height) to detect the product surface temperature, with an accuracy of±0.5℃;Temperature uniformity is within ±1℃ under constant 50℃.
Adopts OMRON temperature controller from Japan, cooperates with SSR output control from Taiwan "FOTEK", PID automatic calculation and LED display.
Structure design 1. Adopts Teflon conveyor belt driven by 1HP speed regulated motor & 1HP transducer from Taiwan "ENC", cooperated with 1:500 worm gearbox.
2. Feeding zone: 600mm; discharging zone: 600mm, the feed/discharge opening is equipped with wind shield and could adjust the opening height. The feed/discharge zone is enclosed with SS#41 cold rolled steel plates.
Airflow system Adopts 6-section jet flow fan, air exhaust volume is approximately 3~6m3/min.
Conveying speed Max. 0.4~1m/min, each zone is equipped with 6 temperature sensors and 4 explosion proof lights.

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