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SCO-4-3 Laminate Conveying Hot Air Tunnel Carbonized Oven

Application Industrial oven designed for carbonization process of solid/polyer capacitors.
Power supply AC380V 3φ 50Hz 22kVA
Internal dimension W500mm×L2286mm×H120mm,
External dimension W860mm×L2286mm×H1500mm (for reference only, customizing at your desire)
Detailed dimension 1. Heating zone: 2286 mm (divided into 3 sections)
2.Conveyor width: 400 mm, feed/discharge opening height: 120 mm.
Temperature control system 1. Temperature range: room temperature+25℃~250℃, it takes approximate 10 minutes heating from room temperature to 220℃.
2. Controller: adopts XZ-960S digital temperature controller, digital setting cooperated with SSR output control from Taiwan, PID automatic calculation, and LED display.
3. The temperature controller has accuracy within ±0.5%FS; temperature uniformity±5℃ under normal processing temperature at 220℃, oven tested without loading.
Structure design 1. Structure material: The internal structure adopts SUS #430 mirror-polished stainless steel plate; the external structure adopts SS#41 cold rolled steel plate.
2. The equipment frames is welded with 40*40*1.5thickness square tubes, the working platform is enclosed with SS#41 sheet metal, all in white color.
3. Adopts 120K high temperature resistant cotton insulation with effective thickness of 100mm, additional air layer, sealed with high temperature resistant rubber seal strips up to 260℃.
4. Pneumatic door designed in the discharge zone (blackout cloth).
5. Perfect vertical air flow system.
6. Satisfies the time requirements on solid capacitor carbonization.

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