Convection Drying Oven, Forced Air Drying Oven

Forced Convection Ovens

Forced air convection ovens are normally built with fan for effective air circulation after heating, which can realize uniform and consistent during, curing, burning-off and etc. in superior efficiency with significant energy saving.

Forced air convection ovens are widely used in fields such as bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, medical treatment, public health, agricultural research and etc. Forced air convection ovens have significant advantages in lithium battery drying, power battery drying, supercapacitor drying and so on with higher drying efficiency and quality in shorter drying time.

  • Mechanical convection Oven

    The air supply method of this industrial hot air oven can be a unidirectional horizontal air flow or bidirectional horizontal air flow. Temperature ranges from ambient temperature to 200℃. Industrial hot air ovens with temperature above 300℃ can be customized.
    Power: 220V 3kVA, 380V 5kVA, 380V 6kVA, 380V 7kVA, 380V 9kVA...
    Doors: Single / Double / Four
    Temperature uniformity: ±2% / ±1% READ MORE >

  • Class 100 oven/Clean Room Oven

    This dustless industrial drying oven has a most prominent characteristic of maintaining cleanliness at a high level, that means a dust particle of 0.5μm has to be controlled less than 100 per square meter. A dustless industrial drying oven is mainly used for products requiring high level of cleanliness, such as cellphone, digital camera, LCD touch screen, etc. READ MORE >

  • Non-Oxidation Drying Oven

    By utilizing method of heating N2 gas for drying, the industrial nitrogen oven is mainly used in industry fields that have higher requirements regarding the drying environment. For example, it can be used for drying IC integrated circuit in die bonding process or after packaging, and drying of oxidizable surface material, etc. READ MORE >

  • High Temperature industrial Oven

    The highest drying temperature for this high temperature industrial oven can achieve 600℃, therefore, this high temperature industrial oven can be applied for high temperature annealing treatments of hardware, plastic, molds, etc. The adopted thermal insulation materials, sealing materials and heater are all high-temperature resistant materials. Besides, the thickened insulating layer can ensure that the external case temperature of high temperature industrial oven is below ambient temperature+ 5℃ to avoid scalding. READ MORE >

  • Explosion-Proof Oven

    This explosion proof oven is specialized equipment designed for drying industrial products that produce flammable and combustible gases during the high temperature drying process.
    The advantage of this explosion proof oven lies in its large circulation and exhaust gas volume. This explosion proof oven is equipped with an explosion proof device and a window on the rear. Besides, different explosion proof methods can be applied according to the needs of the operators. READ MORE >

  • General Stacked Oven

    The following shows one of our vertical industrial oven, this type of oven has uniform temperature spreading and designed with multiple layers (passes) to realize excellent heating and drying/curing results on different products at the same time. READ MORE >

Shorter heat-up time with uniform spreading
Effectively prevent oxidizing under high-temperature environment.

Besides all above, C SAIL can also offer clients customized dustless industrial drying ovens, explosion proof ovens, industrial tunnel ovens, and so on.

Custom convection drying oven built to your specifications