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High Temperature industrial Oven

The highest drying temperature for this high temperature industrial oven can achieve 600℃, therefore, this high temperature industrial oven can be applied for high temperature annealing treatments of hardware, plastic, molds, etc. The adopted thermal insulation materials, sealing materials and heater are all high-temperature resistant materials. Besides, the thickened insulating layer can ensure that the external case temperature of high temperature industrial oven is below ambient temperature+ 5℃ to avoid scalding.
Ultra-High Temperature Chamber
Ultra-High Temperature Chamber
Energy Saving
Due to high temperature when drying products for this high temperature industrial oven, energy saving is rather important to users.
Therefore, we developed energy saving heat exchanger which can utilize the exhaust gas to preheat the fresh air in the oven. By this means, energy savings and stable temperature can be achieved. Otherwise, we can take full advantage of the heat produced by other parts, for example, the heat from insulating layer, for recycling. As a result, the cost is reduced greatly.
We can offer clients two types of high temperature industrial oven, single door high temperature industrial oven and double door high temperature industrial oven. Besides, 380V industrial power is adopted. The basic parameters for these two high temperature industrial ovens are listed below. Please contact us for more specific information.

Model Internal Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) External Dimension (W×D×H) (mm) Power Doors Temperature range Temperature uniformity
HSECO-1 450×400×400 1150×850×950 380V 9kVA Single Room Temperature~600℃ ±1%
HSECO-2F 500×500×500 1100×1250×1260 380V 12kVA Single Room Temperature~600℃ ±1%
HSECO-3 600×500×900 1200×1250×1860 380V 20kVA Single Room Temperature~600℃ ±1%
HSECO-4F 900×700×800 1420×1400×1680 380V 25kVA Single Room Temperature~600℃ ±1%
HSECO-9F 1400×1200×1500 2250×1650×2590 380V 45kVA Double Room Temperature~600℃ ±1.5%

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