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Mechanical convection Oven

The air supply method of this industrial hot air oven can be a unidirectional horizontal air flow or bidirectional horizontal air flow. Temperature ranges from ambient temperature to 200℃. Industrial hot air ovens with temperature above 300℃ can be customized.

With uniform temperature distribution, the industrial hot air oven we manufacture can protect the products from being damaged. Besides, the inner layer of the hot air oven is designed with insulating wall made of rockwool and stainless steel reflective sheet, and air layer is also offered for optimal thermal resistance, this make the hot air oven more energy-efficient.

C SAIL industrial hot air oven is widely used in a broad range of industries, such as the production of semiconductors, precision ceramics, electronic components, inductors, wire coils, magnetic components, micro motors, cellphones, computers, communication equipment, printing and so on.

We can offer clients four types of hot air oven, i.e. single-wall ovens, double-wall ovens, three-wall ovens and four-wall ovens. C SAIL also manufactures and provides a wide range of non-standard drying machines. For more information, please contact us. The basic parameters for some ovens are listed below.

Model Inner size (W×D×H)(mm) Outer size (W×D×H)(mm) Power Doors Max. temperature (℃) Temp. uniformity Layers
SCO-1 450X400X400 750x580x980 220V 3kVA Single 200 ±2% 4
SCO-2 500X500X600 800×690×1280 380V 5kVA Single 200 ±2% 6
SCO-2F-2D 600X500X450 1240x690x1480 380V 7kVA Double 200 ±2% Customized
SCO-2F-3D 700x500x400 1340x990x1580 380V 9kVA Three 200 ±2% 4
SCO-2F-4D 360x600x450 1550x790x1680 380V 12kVA Four 200 ±2% Customized
SCO-3 620×500×900 980×690×1580 380V 6kVA Single 200 ±2% 9
SCO-3F-2D 700X640X600 1350X850X1680 380V 9kVA Double 200 ±2% 6
SCO-4 800×600×1000 1150×790×1680 380V 7kVA Single 200 ±2% 10
SCO-5 1000×600×1000 1350×790×1680 380V 10kVA Double 200 ±2% 10
SCO-6 1200×600×1000 1540x790x1680 380V 12kVA Double 200 ±2% 10
SCO-7 1400×600×1200 1640x790x1880 380V 14kVA Double 200 ±2% 12
SCO-8 1600×800×1400 2190x1050x2090 380V 18kVA Double 200 ±2% 14
SCO-9 1800×1000×1400 2140x1250x2210 380V 22kVA Double 200 ±2% 14
SCO-10 1800×1400×1400 2140x1650x2210 380V 26kVA Double 200 ±2% 14
For more information about non-standard hot air drying ovens, please kindly contact us.
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