UV Light-Curing Equipment / Light-Curing System / UV Drying System

UV Curing System

Fast drying for electronic parts after applying UV glue or text printing;
Fast drying for hardware, electrical equipment, woodware, marble, ceramic, glasswork, plastics after text printing or coating;
Fast drying after label printing or printing on packing bags;
Fast drying for PCB (printed circuit board)/FPC (flexible printed circuit), LCD, touchscreen after coating, printing and sealing.

  • General purpose UV Curing chamber

    This type of UV curing equipment adopts 220V standard power supply, and of course we can adjust the power supply range according to your specific requirements. It is widely used for fast drying of electronic parts after printing, bonding using sealant, surface coating and etc.
    Power supply:AC220V 1φ 50Hz 88W
    Application:Fast drying for electronic parts label printing, bonding, or coating and etc.
    UV System/Lamp:11 pieces 8W UV light tubes from Japan Sanko, power of 6W/cm, wavelength of 352nm, lifespan of 3000 hours or above. READ MORE >

  • Cool Cure UV Curing Chamber

    With a low heat and temperature below 40℃ inside, this cold UV curing machine is designed for drying heat sensitive products, such as optical lenses, optical glass and electronic components.
    Power: AC220V 1φ 50Hz 240W
    Size: Effective Width: 900mm. Solidification Height: 50mm. Total Length: 900mm, Total Width: 400mm, Total Height: 450mm
    UV System/Lamp: Adopts twelve 20W UV lamps (spared) with Sparkle Length of 600mm READ MORE >

  • LED UV Curing Conveyor System

    By utilizing the UV emitted by the LED light source, LED UV curing system features a low temperature, fast drying and energy saving performance and long service life. LED UV curing systems are often used to dry heat sensitive products, such as electronic component code printing, cameras, and more.
    Power:AC220V 1φ 50/60Hz 1.5kVA
    Dimension:Illuminating height: 3~10mm, adjustable
    UV System: Adopts 2 sets of "UVATA"LEDUV light source, 800MW/cm, Sparkle Length: 300mm, illumination width: 50mm READ MORE >

  • UV Curing Conveyer System

    This conveying method is suitable for fast drying of electronic parts bonding, surface coating and printing and etc., because the processing products are transported along the rails and allows multi-direction curing on the products as well as excellent drying results.
    Power supply: 220V 1φ50Hz / 380V 3φ 50Hz
    LED illumination intensity(W/C㎡): 80,80/120
    Cooling method: Forced air cooling
    Effective illumination width: 250,375,300,400,420,625,700 READ MORE >

  • Low Temperature Cabinet Type UV Curing Machine

    This type of UV curing equipment adopts 380V industrial power supply, of course it can be changed if you have special requirements, and we can also adjust the oven size or the LED light source dimension and power and etc.
    Power Supply:AC380V 3φ 50/60Hz 1.5kVA
    Light tubes:30 pieces 40W light tubes, altitude height of 120mm from the oven bottom.
    Drawer for LED light tubes:Adopts 1.0mm 201# brushed stainless steel plate, the light tubes adopt slide drawer structure for easier replacing. READ MORE >

It takes UV light-curing equipment only few seconds to dry surface printing or coating with excellent results, and saves production cost for manufacturers;
LED power is adjustable between 30% to 100%;
Real-time display of output power, voltage, current, operating time and UV chamber’s temperature;
Strongest UV intensity class for air-cooled line type LEDs in the industry;
No water-cooling equipment necessary because the unit is fan-cooled. The compact equipment makes installation easy;
Different oven size according to specific requirements;
Compact structures realize high density LED array, and also supports long-distance illumination.
Flexible UV irradiation patterns according to processing product’s shape.
Stable UV irradiation:The LED temperature is strictly controlled using special device to prevent UV power reduction due to LED module overheating.
External access control: Free access using PLC or other external access device to adjust the UV light power Operating time and temperature display functions

Custom UV drying equipment built to your specifications