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UV Curing Conveyor System

Other than LED light source, the conveying method is also important and Xinzhou provides following conveying methods according to specific requirements.

Edge-Carry UV Curing Conveyor:
This conveying method is suitable for fast drying of electronic parts bonding, surface coating and printing and etc., because the processing products are transported along the rails and allows multi-direction curing on the products as well as excellent drying results.

Side-Cure Conveyor Systems:
Cure UV Adhesives and Coatings from the left, right, and/or top

Mesh Belt Conveyor Systems:
Mesh belt conveyor system is used in continuous mesh belt furnaces, this type of conveyor belt is able to function normally under extremely high-temperature environment with maximum of 1100°C. Continuous mesh belt furnaces could be used for various hot processing such as hardening, annealing, tempering, stress relieving and etc.
Other than the listed conveying methods, Xinzhou also provides conveyor ovens & furnaces with different transportation methods such as flat belt style, chain conveyors, serpentine belt and etc.
The following shows some of our previously made custom industrial drying ovens/furnaces, please click the link below if you want to learn further more information.

Model UVA-201 UVA-202 UVA-301 UVA-362 UVA-364 UVA-482 UVA-503 UVA-752 UVA-842
Power 220V 1Ø 50Hz 380V 3Ø 50Hz
Light power (kW) 2kW×1PCS 2kW×2PCS 3kW×1PCS 3.6kW×2PCS 3.6kW×4PCS 4.8kW×2PCS 5kW×3PCS 7.5kW×2PCS 8.4kW×2PCS
LED illumination intensity(W/C㎡) 80 80/120
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Effective illumination width 250 250 375 300 300 400 420 625 700
Remark Illumination intensity is between 120~200 W/CM2, customizing at your desire.
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