Industrial Oven Custom Solutions

Custom Industrial Oven

100% unique ovens built to your specifications

C SAIL has more than 15 years of experience in industrial oven designing and manufacturing, we are devoted to offer custom industrial oven & furnace to every single customer.
It is not a repeatable job to design and manufacture industrial oven & furnace, we have to do these following jobs to make a qualified industrial oven to meet customers’ requirements and all you need to do is just simple cooperation:

1. Know your customers’ needs
Purpose for using oven or furnace?
Aluminum Aging
Glass Heat Soaking
Heat Treating
Solution Heat Treating
Hydrogen De-embrittlement
Stress Relieving
Post Curing
Teflon Coating
Powder Coating

2. Appropriate structure for your industrial oven
We help you decide to choose batch oven or conveyor oven according to your specific factory plants, floor plans, processing objects, output requirements and etc.

Industrial Batch oven:
We would recommend using batch oven if you need to take consideration of floor limitation, diverse processing objects and flexible production outputs. 1). Optional drying methods
We can choose different drying methods for your batch oven such as air convection oven, infrared oven, UV curing oven, microwave drying oven and etc. according to your drying or curing object types, quantity, size, efficiency and etc.
2). Optional structures
Your oven can be designed with single door, double doors, four doors, single layer (pass), double layers, triple layers and etc. according to your processing product types, object size, quantity, and accuracy requirements. Each heating chamber on your oven could be controlled together or individually to realized flexible control on different temperature and heating time.
3). Maximum heating temperature
Room temperature to 600℃
4). Air circulation system
Design reasonable airflow system to make sure the drying oven has uniform temperature spreading with smooth air circulation. Each heating chamber could be designed with specific airflow system.

We do have more custom items such as enclosure materials, thermal insulation materials and so on. Our engineers will provide a complete planning based on your custom requirements.

Industrial conveyor oven (continuous oven):
If you have enough land space, relatively lower object diversity, and requirements of mass production with higher efficiency, we will recommend you to choose conveyor oven. 1). Design your specific material handling system:
Our engineers can design qualified material handling system after learning your product size, product spacing, production efficiency and etc. as well as the pipe fitting and pipeline system around the conveyor system, the fan positions, the thermal insulation boards design and many other factors.
2). Design appropriate heating chambers:
The heating chamber is usually designed into several working sections with different temperature; each section has different responsibilities such as pre-heating, heating, temperature keeping, cooling, chilling and etc. Specific number of working sections is decided after learning your product features and the oven position in your whole production line.

Other decisive factors cannot be listed such as the heating chamber dimension, heating method, air filtration system, conveying method, frame structure, thermal insulation material and etc. Our engineers will provide a complete planning based on your custom requirements.

3. Appropriate heating method
UV curing oven:
UV curing oven has a compact structure and small size, fast drying speed, less heat leakage due to UV light, and stable performance. UV curing oven is suitable for small batch production, drying and curing with superior accuracy.

Forced air drying oven:
This type of drying oven has uniform temperature spreading and drying results, is suitable for mass production and high efficient drying.

IR drying oven:
IR drying oven has compact structure and is suitable for products with less diversity and simple designs due to its transmission method of linear array or using reflecting panels (the panel absorbs heat and transmits to the bottom layer).

To products with complex structure, we recommend using with the combination of forced air drying oven to realize higher drying and curing quality.

There are more drying methods such as plasma heating, air-source heat pump, microwave drying, solar energy drying and etc. Our engineers will choose an appropriate heating method for your oven according to your custom requirements.

Combined with customers’ realistic requirements and some of the above factors, our engineers will provide you a custom strategy plan and you just need to confirm each section whether satisfies your requirements or not.

Up to date, C SAIL has successfully exported more than 10000 drying and curing equipment to global customers. And many of these equipment served more than 15 years are still functioning and making profits.

4. Previously custom made drying equipment
Full-automatic vacuum drying and sealing machine
This is the custom drying equipment designed for China National Offshore Oil Corporation to dry super-capacitors.
Automatic loading & unloading hot air dryer
This is the drying equipment designed for glue curing inside Japan Panasonic servo motors.
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