Industrial Oven Case Study

Our industrial ovens operate in many sectors and applications. A number of recent client projects are illustrated on this page.

Pioneer Corporation (Drying Ovens)

Pioneer Corporation purchased more than ten 7# drying ovens from us for drying DVD optical pickup units after glue dispensing for solidification. The temperature of the outlet air needs to be as low as 70℃.

At first, these drying ovens were running normally. But we received complaints from the client as they told us that products were burned due to a malfunction in our drying ovens. We paid them a visit immediately and found that the client moved the temperature sensor from the air outlet to the back of the casing as they thought that the test temperature would be more accurate this way. Then when workers put plastic baskets loaded with products into the drying oven for drying, the temperature sensor would be inserted into the plastic basket. As a result, the temperature sensor would display 70℃ all the time. So the products would be burned when the air outlet temperature exceeded 90℃. Then, our engineer moved the temperature sensor back to the air outlet, and this problem was solved.