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Infrared and convection ovens

This infrared and convection oven is customized for one specific client to realize super accurate temperature control when drying products. The power supply adopts 380V industrial level and we can always modify on this mature equipment if you have any specific requirements.
Model No.SCO-IR-4-3
Power AC380V 50Hz 20KW
Inner Size W500mm*L3600mm*H100mm
Outer Size W900mm*L4000mm*H1548mm
Temp. Range Room ~150℃
Controller Using 7 inch touch screen + PLC+ temperature module control system, SSR output, temperature sensor, PID automatic calculation, LED digital display
Using XZ-480 overheat limiter, (alarm if temperature reaches the top limit), cooperated with SSR (solid-state relay) control, PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller and LED display.
Conveying System Adopt Alu. roller chain conveyor, cooperated with speed-regulated motor from Taiwan
Conveyor altitude height 900±20mm;
Conveying direction Right to left;
Conveying speed , adjustable 0-3m/min.
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