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High Temperature Aging Test Chamber

High temperature environmental test chambers are used to conduct environmental tests for electrical products that need a service life test. They are widely used in industrial and mining applications, as well as research centers, electronics, computer, communication equipment, pharmaceutical, medicine and other industries.

C SAIL offers clients a series of high temperature environmental test chambers, divided into two types: single door environmental test chamber and double door environmental test chamber. Basic information about these high temperature environmental test chambers is listed below, and we encourage you to contact us for more specific information

Model Internal dimension (W×D×H) (mm) External dimension (W×D×H) (mm) Power Layer Doors Temperature deviation Temperature range Temperature uniformity
LSCO-27L-300 300x300x300 720x450x550 220V 1kVA 2 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±2%
LSCO-42L-350 350x350x350 790x500x600 220V 2kVA 2 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±1.5%
LSCO-72L-450 450x400x400 840x550x650 220V 3kVA 2 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±1%
LSCO-125L-500 500x500x500 890x650x750 220V 3.5kVA 3 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±1%
LSCO-150L-600 600x500x500 890x650x750 220V 4kVA 3 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±1%
LSCO-216L-600 600x600x600 1000x750x850 380V 4.5kVA 3 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±1%
LSCO-3 620x500x900 1100x790x1580 380V 6kVA 4 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±1.5%
LSCO-5 1000x600x1000 1400x920x1680 380V 9kVA 5 Double ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±2%
LSCO-5F 800x800x1200 1360x958x1880 380V 12kVA 6 Single ±1℃ RT~200℃ ±2%
LSCO-8F 1000x1000x1500 1560x1160x2290 380V 15kVA 6 Single ±1℃ RT~150℃ ±2%
LSCO-9F 1800x800x1500 2500x950x1950 AC380V 50HZ 10kVA 6 Double ±1℃ RT~100℃ ±2%
LSCO-10F 2600x1300x1500 3320x1560x2290 380V 22kVA 10 Double ±1℃ RT~100℃ ±2%
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High temperature environmental test chambers conduct environmental tests by controlling high and low temperatures, and the humidity. The temperature control system is equipped inside, and includes the freezing medium circulation system, air circulation system and electrical control system, which individually controls the temperature, humidity, and electricity.

  • Manufactured using an argon arc welding of mirror finished stainless steel, the external casing is a high quality steel plate.
  • This equipment is capable of over temperature protection and time setting. It is also equipped with a digital display temperature controller, allowing users to ensure a reliable and precise temperature control.
  • The hot air circulation system consists of a fan and air duct that runs continuously at high temperatures, thus ensuring a uniform chamber temperature.
  • It uses the latest silicone sealing strip for long term high temperature operation, a long service life, and easy replacement.
  • The air volume and exhaust air volume supply are adjustable using the temperature control panel.
  • It is equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm: when the limiting temperature is exceeded, the high temperature environmental test chamber will halt operations to ensure safety.
  • Printer or RS485 interface for linking to a printer or computer is optional. Temperature variation can be recorded. (Optional)