Non-Oxidation Drying Oven Manufacturer

QCO-3F-2D Non-Oxidation Drying Oven

By adopting an air circulation system, the industrial nitrogen oven can prevent oxidation during the drying process by nitrogen circulation. The air circulation fan will blow out the heated nitrogen. Then the nitrogen will enter the inner chamber by air duct. Then the used nitrogen will be absorbed into the air duct for heat recycling to guarantee the temperature uniformity.

The intermittent air discharge can be set for avoiding nitrogen gas waste
Internal pressure can be displayed to ensure safety in use.
Equipped with six point temperature meter to monitor the temperature in the oven.
Adopts water circulation cooling to shorten processing time.
The inner chamber and external case of this industrial nitrogen oven is made of stainless steel material for convenience of cleaning and achieving long service life.
Highly uniform temperature distribution.

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